Monday, January 24, 2011


Hello, name's Scott Davis. Pleased to meet you.

Some of you may or may not know me from the various blogs, websites and podcasts that I've taken part in the past. Most recently, I have been co-host of the podcast Film Geek Central with the truly awesome Austin Kennedy. We're on extended hiatus right now, returning in some form or another on a date to be determined. You can still check out the old episodes though, and I recommend you do. Start from the end and go back though. Some of those early ones? Woof.

Before that, I had a blog on exploitation cinema, my first love. Adventure Without Shame is the name and honestly, I didn't do much with it. I hope and expect that to change very soon. AWS should exist beside this blog in posting whatever tickles my fancy. But as you will see, the focus of each blog will be entirely different. I also used to be editor of the website Horror Express. The website is still there and they still do wonderful work, even if I am not directly involved with them anymore. I also was a contributing writer to CultCuts.

The purpose of Moviocrity is simple - anything in mainstream cinema that I find interesting will be commented on here. This includes reviews and also news from the world of film. This is where the two blogs come into play. If I want to talk about a great B-movie that you just have to see, that's Adventure Without Shame. If I want to talk about the latest high-profile film and how they are either succeeding or screwing it up, that's Moviocrity.

And the title (suggested by dear friend Kevin Wetzler) is appropriate too. My Film Geek Central co-host said it best, "I would much rather see a bad movie than a mediocre one." He's right. We have all seen our share of bad films. But the ones that most grind my gears tend to be movies that just go through the motions. These are the films you see and quickly forget about. These films figure out a formula, stick to that formula unwaveringly and never attempt to do anything more. These are not the films that are complete successes. These are the films which on any level can at best be described as passable. These films hold their audience in contempt. And it's time that we didn't stand for it.

So that's Moviocrity. From time to time, I will comment on what is going on. I don't know how often this site will be updated. I have a lot on my plate right now. But I would not start this thing unless I had something to say. Working within the system, enjoying cinema but also not standing for the mediocre. We're not trying to destroy Hollywood, we're just trying to keep them honest.


  1. Sounds like a cool idea. I'll certainly be following. It looks like you've got a couple interesting posts here already.

  2. We're not trying to destroy Hollywood? Awwww. :(